MTC T-slot clamps

Non-standardized die back-plates can be equipped with the single-acting hydraulic MTC clamps.  MTC T-slot clamp stand-out for its latter requiring a slot on the die for positioning. 

Key points

  • Single acting hydraulic die clamp
  • Suitable for non-standardized die back-plates
  • Easy movable in T-slot
  • Suitable for max 200°C


With non-standardized back-plates, four (or more) of these clamps are typically applied on the press’ moving slide and four (or more) on the press’ bolster in many typical QDC applications. For safety measure, the cylinders on the slide are connected to two hydraulic circuits while on the bolster they are connected to a single-one.


  • Can be moved manually
  • Widely used on QDC applications
  • Equipped with Viton seal
  • Large clamping stroke

EAS MTC T-slot clamping cylinder
The MTC T-slot clamp is manually placed in the bolster or ram

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