MSR double acting swing clamp

MSR’s compact design makes it ideal for use in hard-to-reach areas. 

A swing clamp arm allows the EAS double acting swing clamp to clamp vertically after swinging 90 degrees. To allow unobstructed loading and unloading of dies or parts, this product is mounted beneath the surface bed or bolster surface. A clamping arm requires that the dies be fitted with flanges or have T-slot openings.

Key Points

  • Double acting pull clamp to build in press beds and press rams
  • Suitable for new presses
  • Suitable for standardized and non-standardized dies
  • Keeps the pressbeds free
  • Inductive sensors available as optional for automatic clamping


Used on QDC applications if it is preferred to keep the pressbed free from clamping tools while this clamp is built into the slide or bolster. For this reason, this clamp is used in new presses only. Also, T-slots must be available on the used die(s).


  • Fits in any T-slot (according to DIN 650); versatile in application
  • Very suitable to retrofit; flexible in practice
  • Ordering overview; quick and simple ordering
  • Single piece construction; fast

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