Manual multi couplers

Simple and quick leak-proof connections of several water, air, oil and electrical circuits. EAS manual multi couplers greatly reduce set-up times. 

Manual multi couplers

The leak-proof EAS manual multi couplers are available in standard versions with 6 and 12 mono couplers.
There are different versions to not only accommodate the needed amount of couplers, but also to adapt to coupler sizes.

A variety of hose connection sizes and configurations are available for the mold half multi couplers.
These high quality leak-proof water couplers can also be combined with air, hydraulic and electrical connectors to provide quick connections for all of the mold’s utilities.

With these coupler solutions, fluid and electrical connections can be made in a few minutes while keeping the floor and the system clean. Combined with a good water treatment system, EAS multi couplers will reduce scrap and improve the quality of your production.

A simple parking station is provided to hang the machine side multi coupler during mold change, avoiding coupler damage.


Machine side mounted manual multi couplers are available with 6 (max water flow 30 l/min) or 12( max flow 60 l/min) leak proof mono couplers type MMCF 69 and MMCF 129 with 6 and 12 mono couplers size 9 and the MMCF 1212 with 12 mono couplers size 12. The machine side multi couplers all feature straight hose connectors.
During a mold change the machine side multi couplers can be “parked” in a parking station MMCP-1.


The mold side mounted manual multi couplers MMCM 69, 129 and 1212 can be equipped with mono couplers with straight or elbow hose connectors. Also available as mold mounted part is a manifold type MMCMS 129 for the machine side MMCF 129.

MMCMS manifold

Maximum water pressure is 6 bar, the temperature range from 20°C till 100°C . Seals are from PTFE and Nitrile

For hydraulic connections till max 200 bar ( 3000 psi) EAS offers standard manual multi couplers with 8 or 12 leak proof mono couplers, being type MMCF/MH 86 and 126 with 8 or 12 size 6 couplers ( max flow 25 l/min) and the MMCF/MH 89 with 8 couplers size 9 ( max flow 30 l/min)
Temperature range is from 5°C till 180 °C (22°F till 350°F).

Combinations of water and hydraulic mono couplers as well as electrical connectors are available on request.
Most of the applications are on injection molding machines for cooling and core pulling applications but also on other industrial applications where multi water, hydraulic, air and electrical connections need to be made.

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Manual multi couplers


The Coupler Brochure

Manual multi couplers
Manual multi couplers

An example of installed multi couplers at Magna.

Manual multi couplers

An example of installed multi couplers at AEG.

Manual multi couplers

An example of multi coupleres installed for Helesi .

Manual multi couplers

Fluid and electrical connections: an example of multi couplers installed with electric connectors on 40 T molds.