ECA pull clamp cylinders

With these clamping cylinders, dies and workpieces can be quickly and easily clamped on (vertical) presses in a safe, quick and simple manner.  For restricted areas, the ECA single acting pull clamp offers a cost-efficient and low-priced clamping system.

Key Points

  • Single acting hydraulic QDC clamp
  • Easy to use and to move also for non-standardized die back-plates
  • Large range of standard products
  • Parking stations available


The ECA clamps are moved manually towards the die in the T-slot. When QDC is used with non-standardized backplates, four of the clamps are applied to the moving slide of the press, while the other four clamps are applied to the bolster.


  • Easy installed and suitable for retrofitting
  • Durable and compact design
  • Wide temperature range
  • Can be used for different sizes of back-plate thicknesses.

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