Automatic multi couplers

EAS automatic multi couplings are used in a variety of industrial applications involving water, air, hydraulics, steam and electricity. Using hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders to make the connections automatically eliminates the possibility of making mistakes.

Key Points

  • Self-locking mono couplers
  • Equipped with inductive sensors for the advanced and the retracted position.
  • Mono couplers available from size 6 till 45
  • Maximum of1500l/min, 30 bar for water and 200 bar hydraulics


Applied on more advanced Quick Mold Change systems on injection molding machines, connecting automatically water cooling, oil heating, hydraulic core pull and electrical connections.


  • Flat face leak proof mono couplers
  • Suitable for 1 till 300 mono couplers or more
  • Special couplers available for applications with residual pressure in the system.
Automatic multi couplers installed
Automatic multi couplers installed

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