Pre-rollers provide economical and safe side-changing of your dies. Easier loading, while minimizing the risks.
A forklift or crane loads the die onto the pre-rollers. The die moves over the pre-rollers from the front of the press, past the end stops, onto the bolster.
A set of pre-rollers makes it very simple to push in and pull out a die of vertical presses. It also allows the use of a forklift truck or a crane to remove and load the die.

EAS pre-rollers

Always mounted as a set, our pre-rollers are equipped with needle roller bearings with hardened steel surfaces to offer a high load capacity.
EAS offers a wide range of pre-rollers, available for different die weights and sizes. When adding mounting blocks, the pre-rollers can be used on several presses.

Designed with cost-effectiveness in mind and easy to install, both first-time and as extensions. EAS pre-rollers are made of S-355 steel console plates with hardened rollers for long, durable service.

A set of pre-rollers is a low cost investment with high yields. Act now, contact our experts and start maximizing your efficiency.


Die stoppers at the end of the pre roller will prevent the die from rolling off, but also allows easy loading of the die on the pre rollers. The mounted hook allows the pre-roller to be removed from the press if necessary. It also allows the usage of one set of pre rollers for several presses by applying several sets of hooks.

A fast, safe change of dies is ensured with the use of EAS pre-rollers. Saving your workers valuable time that was lost on assembly and set-up. Optimized even further
when using motorized pre-rollers.

Optimize operator safety

The EAS pre-rollers extend the press bed so the die transfer is done quick and safe. Die stoppers at the end of the arms safeguard the accident-free
handling of your dies.


Fixed suspended

When needed, the pre-rollers are hung directly in fixed mounting hooks. One set of fixed pre-rollers can be used on several presses.

Fixed bridged

When dealing with massive dies, EAS fixed bridged pre-rollers are your solution. The support leg adds to the capacity of these heavy-duty pre-rollers. Choose between a fixed support and a support on wheels.

This type of preroller has a greater length and higher loading capacity.
Delivered with a support, that is adjustable. This support can also be delivered with rolls, for easy transport. For example when moving the pre-roller to a storage when not in use.


This type of pre-rollers not only save you time, but also saves space. When not in use, swivel models can simply be swung aside, stored alongside the press bed. The advantage of a swivel is that the space in front of the machine can be used efficiently, because the pre-rollers can be turned away.
A double swivel is available upon request.


With a special push/pull motor and supporting leg, EAS driven pre-rollers are the economical alternative to die change tables. A time-saving and accident-free change of dies in places diff cult to access.
In this version, the pre-rollers are equipped with an electrically driven motor, that will pull and push the die in/out the machine.

Special designs of pre-rollers

Looking for sliding bolster extensions, a traversing type of pre-roller or a double swivel? If you need a more customized model, EAS offers special designs of pre-rollers on request.

Standard delivery is a set of pre-rollers with yellow coating.

EAS offers you the best-fitted solution, combining our experience with your needs. From a single die change product to a complete automated concept, we are your turnkey supplier.

More info?

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