EMR turning units for molds and dies

A safe and effective way to rotate tools the EAS Electric Mold Rotator provides 90°. Mold rotators from EAS are capable of handling loads up to 50 tons. Molds and dies can be turned to lift one half of a mold or to move the mold. No hydraulics are necessary as the entire unit is electric.

Key Points

  • Safety and protection of personnel*
  • Protection against tool damage -safely rotating the tool
  • No damage from crane usage
  • Operation with one person


Where expensive tools need to be handled safely and carefully, such as injection and blow molding molds, stamping dies, and die casting tools.


  • Works fast and easy
  • Operation with one person
  • High operator safety
  • Easy and safe access to tools for repair or maintenance
  • Several customized options to increase the safety level

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