Pressmag LP magnetic clamping

The latest generation Pressmag LP magnetic clamping system is ideally suitable for use on large capacity injection molding machines. The long pole shape of the Pressmag LP is oval, for high clamping forces and easy exchange of poles.

The long pole shape of the Pressmag LP is oval, as opposed to the rectangular pole shape of the Pressmag HP. This pre-assembled plug in oval pole design facilitates the easy exchange of poles.
Furthermore this system offers a plate thickness of 55 mm (2.16“) with touch screen controls and metal-to-metal clamping surface. This feature enables exact force measurement.

Pressmag LP advantages:

• New state of the art MAGTCU13 controls with 8″ touch-screen display for accurate and reliable system monitoring
• Multiple levels of access for total operating staff security
• System clamping force remains absolutely constant in case of power outage
• System automatically adapts to varying electrical power conditions (amperage, voltage and frequency)
• Automatic diagnostic function of control unit’s internal components/sensors for easy troubleshooting
• Quick and easy to install – instant availability
• Can be used on new and existing injection molding machines
• Simple and safe to operate

Save time and money

Thanks to EAS, overall production can be improved with a changeover time of less then 3 minutes. (Read more in the article).
Did you know that, if all is tuned correctly, this can even be brought back to 1 minute ?

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Long pole technology

The EAS change systems’ long pole technology is used on larger machines because the magnetic flux (the holding force) is always concentrated on the mold. Even when the pole is only partially covered.
Longer poles for bigger machines:
• Have higher holding forces
• Minimizes stray flux
• Minimize the air gap.

The frame of the Pressmag LP system is very stiff, preventing bending of the plate, thus minimizing an air gap resulting in no loss of holding forces and machine shut down.

Flexible automation is the future

In the future, injection molding will mean much more than producing acceptable parts in rapid succession. Especially when just-in-time is demanded for delivery, or even that the parts are supplied directly to the assembly line “just-in-sequence.” The only option then is flexible automation of plastics production.

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Pressmag LP magnetic clamping


Magnetic clamping solutions – Pressmag (UK)

Pressmag LP magnetic clamping
Pressmag LP magnetic clamping

An 8" touchscreen with full color graphic images makes operating a piece of cake.
Not just the monitoring the clamping and magnetizing status, the controller also helps you step by step through a safe process, with build-in safety checks.

Pressmag LP magnetic clamping

This optional, yet very valuable feature gives the LP system an edge when it comes down to operational safety: actual force is compared to the set reference force.
Operation is blocked when the actual clamping force is too low and there's a risk of mold falling down. 

Pressmag LP magnetic clamping

Easy and fast maintenance, reducing machine downtime.
Because of the new design of the magnetic plates, it's possible to change out poles on site without sending them in for repair to the EAS factory. 

Pressmag LP magnetic clamping

Fully Automated Mold Change.
In this example, fully automated mold exchange increases production efficiency to 99 % – resulting in a gain of 1,160 production hours per year and system.