About EAS

EAS develops, produces and sells components and turnkey systems for quick tool changes on plastic injection molding machines as well as on presses, stamping and die casting machines.
We supply components as well as full and semi-automatic systems for injection molding machines of all ages, sizes and manufacturers. From globally known brands to local machines, with clamping forces varying from 500 kN to 55,000 kN.

About EAS change systems

With our Mold Care program, we advise and support our customers in their endeavor to introduce tools in the best technically optimal condition into production – a prerequisite for automated systems and a necessity for all injection molders.

We are positioned worldwide with sales and service and production facilities at multiple locations. As a dynamic, innovative and flexible company we can easily meet customer requirements. We are owner-managed and therefore focused on sustainability and reliability.
EAS delivered the world’s first tool change systems as early as the 1980’s.

As the originator of QMC applications in Europe, EAS has always been at the forefront of all developments for SMED applications in the plastics industry.
We initiated the application of automatic multi-couplers in this market. And we introduced the first applications of magnetic clamping for injection molding. We then pioneered the use of mold change cars and tables for the European market.
Thanks to our expertise in all these disciplines, we integrate our extended knowledge into turnkey projects around the globe.
Today EAS has a leading role in automating equipment, particularly in the global automotive industry.

Global team players

Our global sales force, combined with our extensive network of distributors, caters to your specific needs, applying 30 years’ worth of experience to local market and production conditions.
Our highly experienced project management department provides fitting solutions to any QMC project – from smaller companies to globally active multinationals.
The experience in project management combined with our knowledge of metal sheet machinery has allowed EAS to expand into the QDC field rapidly.
With production facilities across three continents and an installation and distribution network across the globe, EAS brings European design and engineering quality to local markets. Innovation is a key driver at EAS, with 33% of all engineering staff dedicated to R&D.

Change to progress

Since 1985, EAS change systems have played a leading role worldwide in reducing the cost of factory automation solutions.

In the fall of 2015, the EAS ‘founding fathers’ Harm Nijzink, Hero Marggrander and Cliff Drake, after years of working together with the new generation, decided to hand over their corporate responsibilities. They continue supporting the organization united as Board of Advisors.

The arrival of the next generation was announced in 2010 already. After a long period of collaboration, the new board of shareholders embarked on an era of rejuvenation for EAS.  Anika Marggrander now has a two-fold role as Executive Vice President alongside her sales responsibilities for the German speaking part of Europe and the CIS countries. Thierry Pastor oversees the factory and the business development in Asia as Vice President Asia & Oceania. Vincent Nijzink is the CEO of the global organization.

In 2017 a change has been made to the management of the organization in order to further structure growth in the Americas and implement a worldwide organizational structure.
CEO Vincent Nijzink moved from the Netherlands to the new head office in Greenville, South Carolina in the United States, providing strategic leadership to the worldwide growth activities. Thierry Pastor migrated to Renswoude, leading the day-to-day operations whilst being responsible for technology in the new organizational structure.

Years 2021-22 were subject to another change in the management of the organization in order to further develop the United States of America’s office and grow the company.
CEO Vincent Nijzink moved back to the Netherlands to the head office in Renswoude, developing and increasing each office’s teams. Thierry Pastor migrated to Greenville, developing and growing United States of America’s activities and team.