ETDC travelling die clamps

Die positioning is effortless, precise, and requires less force. The ETDC travelling die clamps offer a convenient method of automating quick die changes. 

Die clamping systems of this type are connected to a chain and driven by an electric motor.
ETDCs belong to the group of die change automation equipment that reduces set-up times (SMEDs). EAS offers another solution focusing on sheet metal forming machines and vertical injection molding machines. Traveling die clamps are typically found in machines with a moving bolster.

Key Points

  • Especially designed for large stamping presses with non-standardized die back-plates
  • Travel stroke between 4200 and 1200 mm
  • Suitable for pull clamping cylinders as well as T-slot clamps
  • For automatic QDC applications


Die traveling clamps are commonly used on large stamping presses with various die sizes. These clamps allow automatic clamping of different sizes of large dies, especially on the slide. The slide is usually mounted with eight to sixteen of these clamps.


  • Fits in any T-slot (according to DIN 650); versatile in application
  • Very suitable to retrofit; flexible in practice
  • Ordering overview; quick and simple ordering
  • Single piece construction; fast
EAS traveling die clamp ETDC
EAS traveling die clamp ETDC
ETDCE travelling die clamp
ETDCE travelling die clamp

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