Metal stamping


Punching, bending, shearing, deep drawing, bulging, spinning and stamping are all part of sheet metal forming. Especially suitable for hard and strong metals like iron and steel. Metal stamping is a widely used production process. Perhaps even one of the most important key technologies in the manufacturing industry.

In order to keep this status, the metal stamping process needs to stay innovative and develop continuously. Sheet-metal-forming production innovations are aimed at shortening the long and complex stamping processes while maintaining the highest standards as required by the different application industries.
A lot of industries use metal stamping machines for their sheet metal working. To keep a competitive edge, stamping manufacturers need to be able to expand as well as to be more flexible in their production capabilities. This can only be done when there is a sharp focus on the metal stamping process as well as the tooling and manufacturing equipment.
EAS Change Systems specializes in providing you with cost-effective and innovative metal fabricating solutions.
Let’s talk about how EAS solutions can serve with pressing solutions in your industry.


In the process of sheet metal stamping (also known as pressing), sheet metal is punched (or cut and formed) using a stamping press machine to form components into the desired size and shape.
The basic sheet metal stamping process has three basic parts with which the pressing machine works: the sheet metal as production material, the stamping press and the stamping die.
Because heat is generated from friction during fabrication process, stamped parts often are very hot when they come out of the dies.


Using Quick Die Change Systems help you keep and gain competitiveness in the demanding stamping industry.
Inserting a QDC program usually results from the switch to the lean production method best known as the Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing system. JIT is the production of precisely the necessary quantity at exactly the right time.
A well-functioning lean production process saves you from having to maintain inventory buffers. With JIT manufacturing, the ideal lot size is one piece.

EAS Quick Die Change solutions reduce your manufacturing costs.
Learn more about our JIT and SMED solutions that highly reduce the unproductive time of your presses.

Metal Stamping solutions from EAS Change Systems
Metal Stamping solutions from EAS Change Systems