Inspection units

Efficient, safe and customized handling of molds & dies

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• easy load / unload / split / close function
• operation with one person
• possible integration into full automated change systems


• High operator safety
• Easy and safe access to tools for repair or maintenance
• Several customized options to increase safety level


• Adapted to your needs
• Mold test functions (e.g.. core pull cycle control)
• Test functionality integrated into the controls

For maintenance, repair and cleaning of molds and dies with weights ranging from 3 to 110 ton.
One or two-sided tilting.



Used in maintenance and service departments for tools such as injection or blow molding molds and metal stamping dies.


• Safety Platforms
• Light beam fencing
• Safety mat
• Central or Plate Ejector
• Mold test functions
• Remote Control
• Hydraulic mold clamping systems
• Magnetic mold clamping systems
• Special drilling patterns


EAS Hydraulic Mold Inspection units

EAS hydraulic inspection unit – 110t

EAS hydraulic inspection unit – 6t

• For molds up to 110.000 kg
• No / 1-sided / 2-sided platen tilting
• Tool supports on platen
• Euromap pattern






Simple and safe maintenance for your expensive tools. To rationalize the inspection and servicing of molds and dies, superseding a variety of slow and sometimes hazardous methods involving jacks and levers and cranes.
Inspection units can open and turn your tool in a safe way.

This investment will not only reduce your production costs but also enable you to react flexibly to new orders without losing valuable production time for time-consuming tooling up or changing moulds and dies. Additionally, you will also reduce the labor costs associated with tooling up, reduce inventories due to flexible production and thus secure the future of your company and your employees.

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Inspection units


EAS Inspection Units

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Inspection units
Inspection units

An example of an EAS 2T Inspection Unit

Inspection units

An example of an EAS 15T Inspection Unit

Inspection units

An example of an EAS 25T Inspection Unit

Inspection units

An example of an EAS 50T Inspection Unit