ESCH double T-slot clamp

Die lifter and clamping functions are combined in this double T-slot clamp. With ESCH, you can lift, move, and clamp a die on a bolster at the same time.

Key Points

  • This double T slot clamp is a combination of die lifters to lift and roll the die and a clamping cylinder.
  • Available for T slot size 22 and 28
  • Special hardened entry rollers for the first “contact” with the die
  • Ask EAS for every application to use our know how.


This product is perfect for moving, lifting, and clamping a die on a bolster. It also requires a T slot on the die. It is also possible to apply the product without using the die lifter on the slide.

To ensure trouble free usage of this product, please consult EAS for your application since the use of this product can be sensitive to shocks.


  • Available in different length
  • Mounted easily into the standard T-slot
  • Interesting combination of clamping and die lifting combined in one product.
EAS ESCH installed
EAS ESCH installed

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