MOD / WOD wedge clamp

Meet our best-in-class clamping product: safe, durable and cost-efficient. Thanks to the 5 ° angle on the plunger end, the MOD wedge clamping cylinders stay locked even if there is no continuous pressure and are self-locking. The equivalent of the MOD for the American market is the WOD series.

Key Points

  • Self-locking double acting hydraulic clamp
  • For machines with EUROMAP drilling pattern
  • Equipped with inductive sensors to indicate clamped and unclamped position


This self-locking double acting hydraulic clamps are installed on thousands of injection molding, blow molding, die casting machines, mold carriers and stamping presses.

The MOD system clamps on flat back-plates and can be equipped with 2 inductive sensors to indicate the clamped and unclamped positions.


  • Available with clamping forces from 1,5 Ton up to 120 Ton in metric as well as imperial versions.
  • Double Acting
  • Self-locking (because of 5°angle)
  • Large range of clamping forces available

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