Mold change tables

The latest innovation from our engineering team, mold change tables. Focusing on the increase of equipment productivity. Mold change tools like the Dutch designed mold change table can increase machine availability up to 95% !

Mold change table

The solution needed for reliable changeovers. Horizontal loading can be done using a manual or a powered transfer mechanism.
Positioning is made easy and simple. Using our systems for multicouplers make sure all needed connections are made in the blink of an eye.
The operator manually controls the steps of the mold change, even with an automatic push button control. A mold table or cart always makes a secure alignment with the machine, no adjustments needed.

With to our special Laser-defined positioning (unique in the market!) the mold change table is outlined perfectly.

Thanks to our in-house development, our tables are engineered in such a way that the chain transmissions of multiple tables are operated using just one drive.

Efficient and cost-effective thanks to a solid, reliable system.

Flexibility, speed and easy to handle

A mold change system can differ in method and size. Depending on the best fit, the range goes from manual to fully automated transfer, holding one or two molds, with or without preheating and cooling stations. Every degree of automation in this process helps obtaining a faster and hassle-free change-over time.

Almost needless to say, a quality mould change station is safe, durable and service-friendly. Next to that, a prerequisite should be that the chosen quick mold change system is capable of growing with the production in the future. EASchangesystems offers mold change tables and cars with a modular build and straightforward installation.

The right time to change is now

Double mold change tables from EAS change systems are used more and more in the plastic injection molding and related industries to greatly speed up the mold changeover process.
Imagine how much time is saved when the next mold is instantly available during changeovers. This exactly is the biggest advantage of a double mold change table. Valuable space is saved by holding two molds.

EAS’ rail-guided mold change carts from are part of the industry’s most complete range of time and money saving Quick Mold Change (QMC) solutions – reducing the time it takes to change molds from hours or even days to virtually minutes. And they are yet another excellent case-in-point of how to achieve significant improvements in overall performance by replacing traditional mold change methods which no longer meet today’s business climate.

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Mold change tables


Brochure Mold Change Tables & Cars

Mold change tables
Mold change tables

EAS designed and assembled Mold Change tables can be produced and delivered from both the Netherlands and China.

Mold change tables

An example of a double mold change table. Designed to dramatically reduce machine downtime by holding two molds, making the next mold instantly available during changeovers.

Mold change tables

This is a 10 ton table with 2 positions, done for a Mitsubishi injection molding machine. Not only the table, but also it’s driven roller system and the MOD’s are produced in China.