PSL parking stations

No more mess, no more accidents with cylinders lying on the floor during die changes. This straight-forward solution safely stores the cylinders while not in use.

PSL Parking station

Your ECA or MHC pull cylinder is safely stored in a parking station.
A parking station, or park station, is used to prolong the lifespan of cylinders.

PSL series

Parking stations are available with different options:

  • PSL: A standard version, to park the ECA/MHC cylinders with T stone;
  • CB-1: A parking station can be extended with a connecting block CB-1 , to park multiple cylinders with pipes and hoses in line;
  • CBCV-1 : A parking station can be extended with a connection block and integrated double check valve CBCV-1 , as additional safety measure in case of leakage.


Park stations can be installed both on the lower bolster bed as well as on the moving slide bed of a press.

For extra safety on especially the slide mounted single acting cylinders a double pilot operated check valve can be installed. EAS change systems offers this valve under type EDCV -1 .

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PSL parking stations


PSL parking station leaflet – English –

PSL parking stations
PSL parking stations

PSL parking station on the bolster with MHC cylinders and air die lifters

PSL parking stations

PSL parking station on the slide

PSL parking stations

EAS MHC cylinder in a PSL parking station