HECS integrated wedge clamp

This integrated hydraulic clamping system is mounted on the side of the press upper and lower bed, leaving the platen face completely free of obstructions. Depending on the press size the die is usually clamped using 2 or 4 clamps per platen.Haut du formulaire

Key Points

  • The globally most used integrated Engel/EAS QMC clamping cylinders
  • Applied on new machines only
  • Tool mounted bolts at low pricing


This original Engel clamping system can be applied on any new injection molding machine as well as on vertical presses. HECS keeps the mounting platen free as the standard available EEB bolts mounted on the tools disappear into openings in the platen.


  • Can be applied on horizontal and vertical presses
  • Keeps the platen free of any obstructions
Engel/EAS QMC clamping cylinders
Engel/EAS QMC clamping cylinders

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