Ejector couplers

In addition to the clamping systems, some molds require connecting the ejector system. Time consuming manual connecting can be replaced by a simple and effective automatic system, the EAS ejector couplers.

The couplers can be either hydraulic or air operated. Pressurizing this single acting cylinder releases the connection.

EAS offers ejector couplers for the Euromap machines, as well as knockout couplers for SPI machines.

A simple single acting design, assuring a long life and simple operation.

The EAS ejector couplers include a floating design to allow for larger misalignment between the ejector coupler and the male counterpart mounted on the mold moving side. This coupler is commonly used to accompany quick mold clamping systems, enabling easy mounting with a short set-up time.

MCE ejector coupler

The MCE ejector coupler offers an automated solution to connect the machine ejector plate to the mold ejector when the mold is loaded.

WCE knockout coupler

For machines with American SPI platen configuration, EAS has designed the SPI knockout couplers which can be used with the 1″ and 2″ SPI ejector patterns, without platen modification.

Also a single acting design, with hydraulic operation.

Feel free to contact us for more specifications on the MCE and WCE ejector couplers, or to get more information on the pneumatic applications.


EAS Ejector coupler
EAS Ejector coupler
EAS Ejector couplers.
Installed ejector couplers from EAS.
MCE Ejector coupler
Knockout coupler installed

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