MTR 3-position swing cylinder

Machine tables and moving bolsters can be equipped with double acting three position cylinders. The clamping arm is completely retracted and disappears under the working table, so the surface of the die is completely free for loading or unloading.

Key Points

  • This three position hydraulic clamp features 4 oil inlets for the different movements – extends, turns, clamps and returns
  • Inductive sensor available for clamped and retracted position signals
  • Mold attachments available.


On new presses, this clamp is used to clamp the bed of the press automatically when there is no clamping tool on it.

It is possible to use inductive sensors to obtain signals indicating whether the clamping arm is retracted under the surface or if it is clamping the die at the time of automatic and secure clamping.


  • Integrated clamping solution
  • Controlled by two proximity switches
  • Guarantees a correct rotation of the arm
  • Four oil connection
EAS MTR installed
EAS MTR installed

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