Quick Die Change Systems

Using Quick Die Change Systems help you keep and gain competitiveness in the demanding stamping industry. 


Inserting a QDC program usually results from the switch to the lean production method best known as the Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing system. JIT is the production of precisely the necessary quantity at exactly the right time. A well-functioning lean production process saves you from having to maintain inventory buffers. With JIT manufacturing, the ideal lot size is one piece. EAS Quick Die Change solutions reduce your manufacturing costs.

SMED stands for the Single Minute Exchange of Dies, the EAS specialty which reduces the unproductive die changeover time to minutes instead of hours.
The Single Minute Exchange of Dies is a straightforward process. It applies to all die or tooling exchanges. It works in any language and companies around the world can use this to achieve better product quality and higher productivity.
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Improve your Return on Investment

To make QDC work in your business, you must gain a clear understanding of your goals. EAS offers you a detailed solution, helping calculate which Quick Die Change system will bring you the highest R.O.I.
Of course you can change one parameter at a time, speeding up your mold handling or mold clamping. EAS has several products for your needs. Every step is an improvement. On the other hand, the optimum is an holistic approach: EAS offers total solutions to get the most out of your production facility.

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Quick Die Change

In the current market for die casting, it is essential to know how to do changeover or setups in record time. A quick die change is the core of the SMED methodology. The Quick die change solutions offered by EAS change systems can improve every part of your die casting process.

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