You can change your dies sideways with a pre-roller in an economical and safe manner. This minimizes risks and makes loading easier. Pushing in and pulling out dies of vertical presses is very simple with pre-rollers. Prerollers are always used in pairs with vertical presses. Die weight and dimension determine the size of the pre-rollers.


  • Easy to install, both on new as on existing presses.
  • Always mounted as a set
  • 4 different versions: Fixed suspended, Fixed bridged, Swivel and Motorized


Everywhere where expensive tools need to be handled safe and careful such as injection and blow molding molds, stamping dies and die casting tools.


  • Bolster extensions that enable quick loading and unloading of your dies
  • Less downtime thanks to your faster tool change
  • A faster tool change leads to higher output
  • The quick change of dies results in shorter set-up times
  • Shorter set-up times enable smaller batch production
  • Smaller batch productions decrease inventory, thus inventory costs

EAS Pre-roller
EAS Pre-roller

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