Mono koppelingen

Quick release, leak free, flat faced. EAS offers you easy, manually operated mono couplers for water or air, hydraulic oil, steam & hot oil, or E-connectors. 

Hydraulic Manual Mono couplers

A simple one-handed connection and disconnection, while the special clean-break design prevents excessive spillage of oil.
Your working environment is kept clean and the circuits protected.

The EAS mono couplers are flat-faced. This clean break safeguards the (dis)connection from debris and keeps an excellent flow rate.
This makes them very conventional for injection molding, die casting and general industrial use.

Important aspects of monocouplers with fluids (water, oil):
– Self-locking or not self-locking
– Working pressure
– Working temperature
– Flow

Important for electricity:
– Amount of pins
– Voltage
– Amperage

EIR F/M: Mono couplers for hydraulics

The EIR F/M is an easy, one hand operated leak proof hydraulic coupler. This flat face, leak-free hydraulic coupler range is used for all kind of hydraulic applications.
Thanks to the flat face design no air can enter the system and no spillage of fluid will occur during connecting and disconnecting.
A safety ball will lock the coupler in position, avoiding unexpected opening of the coupler.

Application areas

Core pull connection on injection moulding and die casting molds. General hydraulic applications where quick and flat face connections are preferred.

EAS EIRF/M coupler
EIRF/M coupler

Specifications of the EIR F/M series:

  • According ISO 16028 & ANSI(NFPA) T 3 20-15 norm ( Hydraulic Tool Manufacturing Association).
  • Self-locking
  • Application: Water / oil
  • Seal: Nitrile (Viton also possible, upon request)
  • Material: zinc plated carbon steel
  • Maximum temperature: +100°C
  • Maximum pressure: 200 – 300 bar
  • Pressure drop: see documentation
  • Six sizes: 7, 9, 15, 17, 21 & 30

Available in 7 different sizes it covers a large flow range. Both sides closing off.


EAS EIRF/M coupler
EIRF/M coupler

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