Depending on the size of the dies, die transfer methods range from manual to fully automated. Using our die transfer systems, your dies are positioned with speed and precision. Even more flexibility is obtained when using mobile die change carts.

Die change car

A semi or fully automated system offers higher machine availability, increased operator security and lower production costs.

EAS tool change tables and cars are:

• Safe
• Durable
• Service-friendly
• Modular
• Straightforward installation

Moving along

The transfer process for your dies can be automated even further with a rail guided die change car or table. These efficient solutions are equipped with positioning devices and the push/pull system is adapted to your requirements.
Instead of using different die change tables for each machine, fully integrated mold change transportation systems can serve multiple machines on different locations of your facility. Free moving cars give maximum flexibility, especially when battery driven. As opposed to die change carts that operate using a spindle, a mold change car works by means of a chain.

Drive, lift and transfer with ease

Big dies require added muscle to ensure safe, accurate and efficient transfers.
A die change car is the ideal choice!
Drive, lift and transfer your dies manually, electric, by guided rail or by air floating cart.

The right choice

Not sure which is the right Quick Die Change solution for your needs?
Contact our product specialists, our team is happy to help.

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