EAS brings mold care range and product configurator tool to the Fakuma

EAS change systems introduces a new tool to configure mold change tables, giving a direct and realistic insight of the implications of the chosen solution. This Configurator 360 will be presented at the Fakuma 2018 exhibition, together with several clamping solutions – hydraulic as well as magnetic, mold change carts and multicoupler solutions. EAS’ exhibits can be found at booth 7203 in hall A7 at the exhibition in Friedrichshafen.

EAS’ Mr. Thierry Pastor, operational manager at EAS head office, states: “Following the NPE in Orlando, Florida, our order intake has grown even further, proving we hit the right note with our exhibits and showing an increasing demand for automated solutions. We intend to offer even more interested visitors a good impression of the innovativeness of our solutions at this year’s Fakuma. We expect both shows, just like the NPE will show a growing number of visitors. Automating solutions are in high demand, and we offer surprising ways to minimize down time and maximize efficiency as well as safety.”


The Fakuma 2018 exhibition takes place in Friedrichshafen, Germany. From the 16th till the 20th of October EAS will be presenting their products and automated solutions for a worldwide audience.  “We will be presenting MOD and ERC hydraulic clamping systems and will bring our full range of magnetic clamping plates to Friedrichshafen.” Pastor indicates extra exposure is provided for a demonstration model of the mold cart and for a demonstration of their multi coupler range. “EAS offers their customers complete and tailor-made solutions, as well as standard components. The multi couplers, electric connectors, manual couplers and quick couplers all support quick and safe change overs. Whether you want to connect the steam circuit, oil supply, electric of pneumatic power, all your lines can be connected and disconnected in a smooth and safe manner. Leak proof and fast.”

EAS Product Configurator

Besides the exhibits showing the turnkey systems for quick mold and die changes, this fall EAS introduces their Configurator 360. Mr. Pastor: “The EAS Configurator is a new tool to configure our solutions, giving a direct and realistic insight of the implications of the chosen solution. It will allow our sales and project management to quickly model Mold change tables. The customer sees, in real time, the implications of the options chosen. Budget quotes for different set ups can be created instantly. This tool has a big impact by increasing the speed of quotations enormously and at the same time offering an overview of each specific set up. We have started with our mold change tables to see to how far we can extend the instant configurations. In the coming year we will add more features and models, increasing the benefits even further.”

Tool change cart

The mold car EAS demonstrates at their booth – A7-7203 – offers easy loading of a tool. The loading height of the mold cart is adjusted effortlessly and docked onto the machine, after which the tool can be (un)loaded effortlessly in or out the machine. It provides a rapid and efficient way of converting a manufacturing process from running the current product to running the next product.

Clamping systems

EAS also offers hydraulic and magnetic clamping solutions of which they will demonstrate different examples at the Fakuma. Depending on the size of the machine, the level of automation of the system and the weight of the tool, the best solution can be chosen. The demonstration units give an overview of the key features of the possible solutions.

Multi coupler systems

The special floating design EAS uses for all its customized multicouplers is also demonstrated at the stand. Different couplers can be combined to form a multi coupler solution. Because of well thought out and innovative design you can combine water, air, hydraulics and electrical connections into one automatic multi coupler. The multi couplers offer simple and leak-proof connections of fluids and electricity. There are manual and automatic coupler systems available, both offering secure and user-friendly operation and a quicker change over.

For more information, visit http://www.easchangesystems.com or stop by stand # A7-7203 at the Fakuma from 16-20 October 2018 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

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