Motorized Pre-Rollers

Motorized pre-roller

Different products for different needs

2020 has brought many new challenges due to the Covid pandemic and it is harder than ever for companies to stay competitive. Therefore optimizing your production efficiency in a socially distanced work-environment is paramount. Production needs to be well-managed and choosing the right product to improve your efficiency
is the key. EAS is here to help you choose a suitable product for your needs.

EAS’ motorized pre-rollers are the economical alternative to die change tables or cars. A time-saving and accident-free change of dies in places difficult to access. EAS’ motorized pre roller will help you to reduce your changeover time. Reducing changeover time enables you to be more flexible in production volumes, and to perform changes with less staff. With a motorized pre roller you will not only get the fastest changeover time and the most flexibility in production volumes, but you will also be able to reduce your production lot sizes and improve the production flow.

What is it?

An assortment of pre-rollers allows a simpler horizontal loading and unloading of the tool into vertical presses and an injection molding machine with sideways mold change. EAS offers you a wide range of EPR pre-rollers, available for different tool weights and sizes :

EPR: fixed suspended;

EPRB: fixed bridged;

EPRS: swivel;

EPRM: Motorized version of EPRB;

The EAS pre-rollers extend the side opening of a machine to enable a quick and safe horizontal manual mold or die transfer. Always mounted as a set, EAS pre-rollers are equipped with needle roller bearings with hardened steel surfaces to offer a high load capacity. The die or mold is loaded onto the pre-rollers with the help of a cart, forklift, or crane. The EPRM is the motorized version and allows for easy handling of heavier tools. With its electrically driven motor, you will be able to pull and push the die in/out of the machine without effort. EAS’ motorized pre roller can be used on several presses and is also available for different die weights and sizes.

EPRM or Table: which one in which situation?

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