Reducing changeover times – reducing costs

For many companies the focus on high-mix/low-volume is essential to stay competitive. Customers require more flexible deliveries, in models as well as in numbers. This increases the need for smart solutions for different stages of the production process.

Shortening lead times, reducing stock and still deliver just in time requires lean manufacturing. EAS Change Systems helps production facilities to achieve this in an easy, safe and extremely efficient manner. Our solutions often help increase machine efficiency to over ninety percent, making new or extra machines in many cases superfluous.

The cost of the set-up process for a new product is an essential part of the total production cost. The potential for cost optimization is enormous by changing production from one product to the next in the shortest possible time. EAS offers a range of automated solutions from hydraulic and magnetic clamping systems to fully automated mold care stations, including pre-heating and inspection. With these automated solutions even a 40-ton mold can be changed in only three minutes!

‘Magic’ clamping systems

EAS Pressmag LP magnetic clamping systems with multicouplers installed in an injection molding machine

The Pressmag magnetic clamping systems always attract lots of attention. Enormous molds seem to be held as if by magic, without any visible effort. EAS’ customers worldwide use the great holding forces of the electro permanent plates to securely hold molds and release them at the touch of a button. With highest safety – Special touchscreen controls ensure the accurate and reliable operating surveillance with a constant clamping force measurement.
The EAS range of magnetic clamping systems offers solutions for smaller and larger machines and lightweight and heavy molds.


New and retro fit

EAS EPRB bridged pre-rollers installed for improved productivityA large advantage of the EAS clamping solutions is that they can be mounted on new and existing machines. Enhancing productivity without the need for buying new machinery. The Pressmag systems are suitable for different mold sizes and are very quick and easy to install and use. But maybe even the biggest advantage of magnetic clamping is the increase of safety for the operating staff.

The magnetic plates are equipped with optimized poles to ensure maximum versatility around the ejector and the highest clamping forces under all circumstances. The systems only require electricity for the magnetizing and demagnetizing operations and even in case of power failure, the clamping force remains constant. The clamping force in itself is extremely uniform and repeatable.

Another safety aspect is that the Pressmag systems automatically adapt to varying electrical power conditions, making sure operations are always safe.

Integrated solutions

EAS Pressmag SP + Control unit installed on an injection machine

Besides the clamping systems the EAS program consists of coupler systems such as manual and automatic multi couplers, and ejector couplers as well as solutions for mold transportation like time-saving rollers, mold-change tables and manual as well as electric mold-carts. Mold rotators and inspection units complete the mold care program.

Turning your injection molding process into a smart process, your molds will last longer, your staff stays safe and your output increases. A combination of mold transportation with an automated or even a manual clamping system boosts your production process thanks to a tremendous reduction in change over times.


For more information, please contact us and we will gladly inform you on the possibilities to optimize your changeover process.



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