ELY Rocker Clamp

EAS has developed a clamp that allows for situations where standards are not possible or not implemented as well as transitional situations and a fully standardized operation. With one clamp it is easy to have a very smooth and quick turnover from one tool to the next. The ELY rocker clamp can do the job whether you want a manual or fully automated operation.

Key Points

  • Safety interface to Press
  • Double check valves & split clamping circuits
  • Clamping position sensor
  • A clear indication of system status
  • Color touch screen


  • On press beds and rams
  • For clamping and locking processes on machines and equipment
  • For space-constrained environments
  • At ambient temperatures of up to max. 200°C


  • Fits in any T-slot (according to DIN 650); versatile in application
  • Very suitable to retrofit; flexible in practice
  • Ordering overview; quick and simple ordering
  • Single piece construction; fast delivery times
  • Compact design; fitting narrow clamping edges

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