Mold change car

Mould Change Cars are movable cars with installed hand- or power-driven conveyor systems for transferring moulds.

Mold change car

The EAS mold change car is an in-house design, with modular configuration.
To  your advantage, delivery times are shorter and all cars are reliable and solid.


This system for mold (or die) changes, has the same basic goal as the mold change table. Machine downtime is reduced, though with lower automation.
The mold change car allows the operator to change a small mold into or from a machine. Moving the car can be automated to reduce the manual labor.


EAS Mould Change Cars, also known as mold change carts, standard consist of the following assemblies:

The undercarriage frame is composed of a steel profile structure. This serves as the basis for the mold change car, with wheels and a push bar to move the car.
Height adjustable support rollers on the support frame for the mold loading, supporting and moving the mold. A locking device, floor and car guidance and positioning system are also standard.
The mold change car has low friction rollers to reduce the force needed by the operator to push the car. If the MCC has to support 2 molds simultaneously, the molds will be standing side by side on the car.
The MCC frame is optionally electrical driven, reducing the manual labor.


The mold is loaded (by crane) onto the support of the car. The operator can move the mold to and from its storage location and the IMM.
The mold locking device makes sure that the mold will stay safely on the MCT during transport. Thanks to the positioning device, the mold change is precisely aligned parallel to the machine. The adjustable heigth of the MCC ensures the mold to be on the same level as the IMM rollers during the change. Then either the mold is pushed or pulled by the operator manually, or this is done automated.

Electric driven mold push-pull device

The mould can be pushed/pulled manually or with the use of the electric driven push-pull device. The push-pull device is a pin on an electrically driven spindle with separate aluminum bars to push or pull the mold.

The right time to change is now

Mold change systems are used more and more in the plastic injection molding and related industries to greatly speed up the mold changeover process.
Imagine how much time is saved when the next mold is instantly available during changeovers. This exactly is the biggest advantage of a double mold change table. Valuable space is saved by holding two molds.
EAS’ mold change tables are part of the industry’s most complete range of time and money saving Quick Mold Change (QMC) solutions – reducing the time it takes to change molds from hours or even days to virtually minutes. And they are yet another excellent case-in-point of how to achieve significant improvements in overall performance by replacing traditional mold change methods which no longer meet today’s business climate.

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Mold change car


Mold change car
Mold change car

Mold change car

Mold change car

Mold change car