Our presentation

HNP Interfra Co., Ltd. is a company that provides state-of-the-art equipment and solutions in the plastic industry. Based on know-how and experience accumulated since its establishment in 2001, it supplies domestic and global local factories with partners in Europe and Japan to develop the domestic IT industry. and industrial automation.

In the future, based on expertise and rich experience in the field, HNP Interfra Co., Ltd. will always do its best to provide differentiated innovative technology, best quality, and special service with a customer-first attitude.

Our philosophy

Our relentless search for more efficient and sustainable engineering solutions is fueled by our imagination and all our efforts.
HNP is not only an expert in plastics engineering solutions, but also a deep enabler for your business and, above all, for your industrial processes.

By identifying improvement opportunities due to reduced process production time through extensive experience, we can design the optimal solution for each process to continuously improve productivity and improve profitability for each application.

But this is not enough for us. In our technological choices, combining these performance improvements with the necessary reduction in environmental impact is fundamental.
Sustainability is an important principle of our ability to imagine and innovate today.
This is in HNP’s DNA.

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