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Trust since 1946

Green & Co is a leading supplier of premium products, services, and services to customers in the Swedish plastics industry. Nothing is impossible and we make sure your production works. Every hour you stand still risks costing big money. That is why we have also built an organization that offers unsurpassed short turnaround times for service technicians and fast delivery of spare parts throughout the country.

The starting point is that it should always be easy and valuable for our customers to work with us.

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Wijzig keuze

Long-term in everything

Green & Co was founded by Thure Green in Malmö in 1946. Today, the company is still a privately owned family business with CEO Johan Green at the helm.

The company’s motto is responsibility, morality, and service. These are concepts that we take very seriously and which therefore permeate the entire company and everything we do. For you as a customer, this means access to products from the market’s best suppliers – and the experience that comes from collaborations that often span several decades.

What that means for expertise and service cannot be overstated.

Constant improvement

In order to always be able to offer the market the best and most competitive, we constantly work to improve both ourselves and the solutions we sell – regardless of whether it is about machines or services.

Thanks to experience and network building that has been ongoing since the start in 1946, we can always offer the solution that is best for you. Of course, the company is quality certified according to ISO 9001.

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