Founded in 2015, GEON INTERTEC CO., LTD. was engaged in the peripheral products of plastic molding machines in the early stage and constantly strived to improve and innovate. In response to changes in the market ecology and supply chain, GEON INTERTEC CO., LTD. The agency-based business model has gradually shifted to a model based on independent research and development of products.

Since our current main product, the nano-bubble generating device has obtained satisfactory test results in the nano-lab, we have started the application of the product in various fields and accelerated the pace of commercialization and serialization.

The expectations of customers in various application fields and the feedback after use spur us to continuous improvement and innovation.

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The company’s main products are nano-bubble generating devices, high-concentration ozone water machines, Japanese mold-changing trolleys, and other high-efficiency and energy-saving products.

Adhering to the principle of serving society and giving back to society, we cooperate with multiple academic institutions in research and development, have our own research and development team and independent design, and customize products to meet the needs of customers in different industries.

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