1 MCT on rails in between 2 IMM

MCT setup with 1 mold change table on rails in between two machines


  1. Glenn Otte says:

    Please advise how the tool is located to the location ring in the center of the molding machine? Is there a separate roller system in the center of Molding machine that would lift tool to location ring height?

    • Hi Glenn,

      Tool is transferred from the mold change table into the IMM on a (driven) roller system. So both the table and the IMM have a roller system, which are aligned to each other. The position of the rollers is designed in such way that the mold is levelled vertically on center position. When the mold is transferred into the IMM, it is positioned in horizontal direction by a locating pin which locks into a counter shape hole in the bottom side of the mold back plate.
      In this way the mold is vertically and horizontally centered in the IMM. After that the mold must be clamped.

      Hopefully we’ve cleared this up for you. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Project Management Department: sales@EASchangesystems.com / +31 318 477 020.

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