Pressmag HP magnetic clamping

For machines bigger than 4000 kN (400 t), the Pressmag HP offers long pole technology. This ensures highest magnetic flux concentration and superior clamping forces, with only 55 mm (2.16”) plate thickness.

Like the Pressmag LP system, the electropermanent Pressmag HP is a compensated system. When activated, the long pole becomes the north pole and the frame plate becomes the south pole. Clamping the mold in place, the Neodynium rare earth and AINiCo magnets stay active until deactivation, and the clamping force remains absolutely constant.

Even in case of power outage!

Pressmag HP advantages

• Very suitable for larger sizes of injection moulding machines. (>800T)
• High flux generation, high forces on smaller moulds
• Standard 310 mm( 12.2”) long poles with resin sealing
• Up to 100° C.(212°F)
• Plate thickness 55 mm(2.16”).
• Non magnetic filling plates outside the tie bar area with flux concentrating
• 25 kN force per pole

Stronger and longer

The Pressmag HP system is a compensated system. This means that each pole is not,as the Pressmag SP system,a north or as outhpole,but here the long poles are acting like the north plus pole while the frameplate acts as the south minuspole. The permanent Neodynium and AlNiCo are always active. To magnetize, the electric current

To magnetize, the electric current in the coils reverses the polarity of the ALNiCo magnets. The magnetic fields generatedby the magnets are oriented to the polar face of the chuck, which becomes active and the mould is clamped. A new electric current reverses the polarity of the AlNiCO magnets and turns off the system, the demagphase and the mould is released. By concentrating all long poles for larger machines withinthe tiebar area, by adding at the sidenon magnetic fillingplates and at the back corner of these filling plates  astainless steel strip for a higher magnetic flux concentration, we achieve higher force within the tiebar area.
That’s why we say: “ Our poles are longer and stronger”


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Pressmag HP magnetic clamping


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Pressmag HP magnetic clamping
Pressmag HP magnetic clamping

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Pressmag HP magnetic clamping

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