Electropermanent magnetic clamping

Save time and money with electropermanent magnetic clamping systems

EASchangesystems has installed hundreds of electropermanent magnetic clamping systems worldwide.
This extensive experience ensures quality. Pressmag systems are specifically engineered for use on injection molding machines in combination with molds.

Magnetic clamping solutions

The EAS SP system is the preferred solution for smaller injection molding machines. This comprises the EAS-Y-MAG, the Pressmag SP100 and the Pressmag SP150. For machines bigger than 400 tons, the Pressmag HP system offers long-pole technology.The Pressmag LP system offers, next to the long-pole design, special touchscreen controls for accurate and reliable operating surveillance with an constant clamping force measurement.

Innovative magnetic design

To meet the industry’s particular requirements, our innovative Pressmag design takes into account all the application needs:

  • Daylight opening
  • Holding force and opening force
  • Temperature range

Adding the size of the machine into the equation, it is clear that these requirements are not met by just one system. EAS change systems offers a range of magnetic clamping solutions.

  • EAS-y-MAG
  • Pressmag SP
  • Pressmag HP
  • Pressmag LP
  • Control units

Pressmag features

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A. Centering rings

For molding machines with capacities of up to 2000 kN (200 t), Pressmag SP systems are delivered without replaceable centering rings. If required, these are available as an option and must be requested separately.
All other Pressmag systems come with a replaceable, hardened centering ring to facilitate quick and precise mold set-up. The ring also ensures that the Pressmag plates are mounted correctly onto the molding machine.

B. Sensors

Pressmag HP systems are equipped with two proximity sensors and a temperature control sensor. The proximity sensor gives a signal if there is an air gap that becomes too big or when no mold is detected. It is also used to stop the machine.
A flux sensor can be supplied on request. It detects a change in the magnetic flux or if an alloy steel mold is used that cannot be clamped. It also serves as an additional level safety when used with the proximity sensors. Pressmag systems for molding machines with capacities of less than 2000 kN (200 t) are supplied with one proximity sensor for each plate.

C. Junction box

Machined into the body of the plate, the junction box becomes an integral part of platens. Sealed and waterproof, it can be opened to give access to cable connections.

D. Mounting and/or ejector holes

In accordance with international standards; Euromap, SPI and JIS, each Pressmag system is fitted with mounting and ejector holes. Threaded holes located on top of the plate allow for lifting eyes to be installed to simplify installation.

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Electropermanent magnetic clamping


Electropermanent magnetic clamping
Electropermanent magnetic clamping

EAS-y-MAG systems consist of two standard plates with square poles and resin sealing for a maximum temperature of 100°C (212°F) .

Electropermanent magnetic clamping

A safe and efficient magnetic clamping solution, the Pressmag SP features a square base with a pole to pole design - alternating north - south poles. This provides more clamping force towards the center of the platens on small machines.

Electropermanent magnetic clamping

For machines bigger than 4000 kN (400 t), the Pressmag HP offers long pole technology. This ensures highest magnetic flux concentration and superior clamping forces.

Electropermanent magnetic clamping

The latest generation Pressmag LP system is ideally suitable for use on large capacity injection molding machines. The long pole shape of the Pressmag LP is oval, for high clamping forces and easy exchange of poles.