ERC hydraulic rocker clamp

Shorten the setup time and optimize your tool clamping process

The ERC rocker clamp is a single acting hydraulic cylinder, designed to fit press platens with T-slots. This enables easy clamping the mold or die.

Improved design

Our R&D department has added special rollers to the design of the ERC hydraulic rocker clamp. Now horizontal as well as vertical machines are supported.

ERC – the perfect fit

The rocker clamp is fitted with a T-slot pin which screws in and out of the clamp base. This allows easy and quick adjustment of the ERC to the DIN 650 T-slot.

ERC T-slot pin

ERC T-slot pin



– fits in any T-slot (according to DIN 650); versatile in application
– very suitable to retrofit; flexible in practice
– ordering overview; quick and simple ordering
– single piece construction; fast delivery times
compact design; fitting narrow clamping edges


• on press beds and rams
• for clamping and locking processes on machines and equipment
• for space constrained environments
• at ambient temperatures of up to max. 200°C


• for 20 -40 -60 -100-160-250 kN
• suitable for non-standardized die back-plates
• unique adjustable T-slot pin; fi ts in any T-slot according to DIN 650
• standard handles on bigger ERC models
• on bigger models handles come standard
• maximum working pressure: 350 bar
• single acting, spring returned clamping system
• one oil connection

Add extra functionality to the standard ERC clamp with the following options:


In addition to the standard clamp, there is the possibility to add functionality with the following options:

  • Support roller
  • Proximity sensor
  • Air cylinder
  • Check valve

More information on the options, specific technical details and ordering info can be downloaded in the menu  on your right – the ERC instruction sheets.

More EAS clamps

Next to these rocker clamp, EAS offers the following double acting hydraulic clamps:

      • MLC
      • MTC 

*depending on any options installed

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More info?

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ERC hydraulic rocker clamp


ERC specifications

ERC hydraulic rocker clamp
ERC hydraulic rocker clamp

On the bigger versions, the ERC100, ERC160 & ERC250, the handles on the clamp come as standard.

ERC hydraulic rocker clamp

The ERC rocker clamp opened.

ERC hydraulic rocker clamp

Two ERC clamps installed.

ERC hydraulic rocker clamp

EAS ERC clamps mounted on machine.