Lamiera 2023 is back with numerous innovations designed to consolidate its role as a reference event for a sector that sees Italy as one of the best.
In 2021, Italy was second in the world ranking of sector production, registering a + 18% compared to 2020, an increase that brought the value to 2.8 billion euros. China precedes it (7.7 billion) and Germany follows it (2.3 billion).
Our country is third in the export ranking with 1.3 billion euros (+ 14.4%) after Germany and China (1.4 billion).
Finally, Italy is the second most important consumer market for sheet metal processing and deformation technologies with a value of 1.7 billion (+ 22.7%) after China (7.3 billion). To support investments in new machines are also the 4.0 government measures active, at the moment, until 2025.

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