EAS at EuroBLECH 2018: easy handling, even for (very) heavy tools

Motorized pre-rollers do the job at EuroBLECH 2018

EAS change systems, at Hall 27 – Stand G42 of the EuroBLECH exhibition in Hannover, offers multiple solutions helping companies improve their equipment effectiveness using SMED, Single Minute Exchange of Dies. One of the product lines in the extensive portfolio is the series of pre-rollers -motorized, fixed or swiveling. Next to the motorized pre-rollers, hydraulic clamps, single clamps and manual tool change carts are demonstrated.

Tool change cart

Ralf Cezanne, as EAS manager responsible for the German market: “We will be bringing a MDCC cart, a manual die change cart, offering simple, quick and easy loading and unloading of a tool. The loading height of the cart is adjusted effortlessly and, docked onto the press, then the loading or unloading goes smooth and easy. It provides a rapid and efficient way of converting a manufacturing process from running the current product to running the next product.”

With the MDCC demonstration unit, dies or casts will be loaded on two QDC demonstration systems. One is a magnetic clamping system, the other one will be a hydraulic system.

A whole range of different pre-rollers

At the EuroBLECH, EAS will also be presenting a motorized pre-roller. Saving time and offering safer working conditions. Operators do no longer need to handle heavy dies or casts in and out of presses, reducing the risks of trapping or even crushing body parts. The range of pre-rollers vary from fixed rollers – easily switched from one machine to the next, and swiveling rollers, to motorized rollers.

Cezanne sheds light on the subject of pre-rollers, used on the side of metal presses and punching machines to allow easy loading and unloading of tools. “Even in itself, pre-rollers hugely decrease the labor needed to change the production from one tool to the next. But when the pre-rollers are motorized, the changeover time for even the heaviest or largest tool is reduced to a minimum. “

When pre-rollers are driven by a special push/pull motor, even the heaviest of tools are loaded in an instant, with the safest working conditions possible. Even in places difficult to access, quick and accident-free die changes are within reach. An electric drive pushes and pulls the die in and out of the machine.
EAS demonstrates a set of motorized pre-rollers at EuroBLECH stand G42 in Hall 27.

Cezanne continues: “The EAS pre-rollers extend the side opening of a machine to enable a quick and safe horizontal manual die transfer. Always mounted as a set, our pre-rollers are equipped with needle roller bearings with hardened steel surfaces to offer a high load capacity.” Safety is not only achieved by simplifying the tool transfer, but also by using stoppers at the end of the pre-roller. “Die stoppers safeguard the accident-free handling of any tool. Even small distractions can lead to accidents, so we made sure to think of different safety features on each part of the process. This serves two goals: personnel safety is ensured and the tools are protected from damage. Tools are usually quite expensive, so this is an extra bonus.”

Hydraulic clamps

The key feature of a complete and automated hydraulic clamping system consists of hydraulic clamping cylinders. Either to retrofit an existing machine or to build onto a new machine. Cezanne elaborates on the different options: “For each individual set of circumstances, we are able to offer the best fitting solution. Our clamps and our complete systems are adaptive and can be fitted on machines for horizontal and vertical loading. Hydraulic clamps can be fitted in the machine in a fixed solution. If the machine is equipped with T-slots, clamps can move automatically by using a pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder. They can also be moved manually and placed in a parking station during changeover. Another possibility is mounting the clamps in the machine platen to leave the opening completely free of obstructions.”

The scope of clamps is complemented by a wide range of die lifters. These die lifters are available as ball lifters and as roller lifters, actuated either by spring force, air or hydraulic pressure, depending on the load to be moved.

More to see

The EAS product portfolio consists of single components and complete automated systems that ensure longer lifespan for tools and enable the quickest changeovers possible. Even a 40-ton tool can be changed in under ten minutes! The program includes hydraulic and magnetic die clamping systems, coupler systems such as multi couplers, ejector couplers, knockout couplers, pre-rollers, die-carts, tool rotators, inspection units and so on, all in accordance with the SMED Single Minute Exchange of Dies philosophy. Cezanne concludes: “Our solutions help reduce costs on many aspects and increase machine efficiency and output. We welcome you at our stand!”

For more information, visit the EAS stand number G42 in Hall 27 or www.easchangesystems.com


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EAS at EuroBLECH 2018: easy handling, even for (very) heavy tools